While Michigan law addresses the transfer of assets to Ms. Franklin’s sons, if any issues arise (particularly as they relate to music rights) it could be in probate for YEARS. Another great reason to have the right team working with you on your estate!

“Deeply private in life, Aretha Franklin’s estate will be laid bare for all to see, as according to court documents, she died without having a will or trust in place.

Documents filed by her four sons in Oakland County Probate Court on Tuesday acknowledged the absence of a will and named themselves as parties interested in her estate. The relevant clause reads: “The decedent died intestate and after exercising reasonable diligence, I am unaware of any unrevoked testamentary instrument relating to property located in this state….” Additionally, Franklin’s niece, Sabrina Owens, asked to be appointed as the estate’s personal representative.”

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Cindy Fields

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