Your path to success is as unique as you are – and you can shape it and define it to meet your needs! What’s important is coming up with a solid plan, and including the right guidance.

“Each one of us has his or her own view of what constitutes success. And yet, we talk about success as though it were some sort of universal constant which can be achieved by attaining a set of measurable goals.

I’ll be the first to admit that the mile markers we cross in driving towards success are very sweet indeed. I can vividly recall the pride we had when our fledgling company made the Inc 500 (Yes, there were only 500 back then!), or the excitement of topping our first $10 million in revenues. But I also recall how quickly those moments came and passed.

Those moments where not success, they were the shadow of success. And, unfortunately, all too often it’s much easier to see the shadows than what casts them. Let me explain with an analogy.​”

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