Are you afraid to look at your finances critically, or are you worried that setting solid financial goals will be hard, intimidating, or make you feel like they’re impossible to achieve? These are some incredibly realistic goals for those under 30 to strive for – each and every one can easily be done this year!

“I do think that one of the interesting side-effects of getting closer to the end of your twenties is that you start to think about what you’ve accomplished so far as an adult, where you’re going, and if you’re even on track with wherever you’re “supposed” to be.

1. You have a handle on your student loans or any other debt
Notice I used “have a handle on” instead of “paid off”. After talking to hundreds and hundreds of people about their various types of debt, the reality is that paying them off before 30 isn’t a realistic option for most.

Every Millennial had different financial and life situations in their twenties and took different paths. I’ve talked to people with no student loans but tons of medical bills, people with $200,000+ in student loan debt, and people that graduated college debt free but got mixed up with credit card debt or car loans…”

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