Do you know if short or long-term tax benefits will work best to help you achieve your goals? Best not to make any assumptions. At Loyalty Alliance we consider your circumstances when setting goals. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us!

“Talk to a tax expert long enough and you’re likely to hear some variant on this phrase: Don’t let the tail wag the dog.

It makes sense. Focus too much on the details, and you may lose sight of the big picture. When it comes to taxes — the tail in this case — a short-term tax benefit may not be the best investment or lifestyle decision.

The tax overhaul that was rushed through the Republican-controlled Congress and enacted last year gave taxpayers little time to grasp its implications. As the new law now becomes understood, accountants and tax advisers say the tail is wagging like an excited Labrador hovering over a T-bone steak. And advisers say their job is to calm the dog before he does something he will regret.”

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Cindy Fields

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