Financial awareness and goals are the basis for any business success, and they’re extremely important for small business and entrepreneurial ventures. Contact us with any questions you may have!

“How many times have you heard these financial truisms?

  • Don’t spend more than you make
  • Keep your overhead low
  • Avoid unnecessary spending
  • Try to increase your profit margins
  • The list goes on. You could probably add 10 or 12 more. Financial advice for small business owners is easy to come by.

    You know that stuff. I know that stuff. But we often miss the bigger picture, the overarching financial goals that should guide how we build and run our businesses.

    So here are three financial goals you might not have heard. And they apply, across the board, to small businesses of every type and size. They are appropriate for my one-man freelance shop and for your 50-employee family business, your growing franchise or for your virtual storefront.”

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