Look at what we found! Kiva U sounds like a terrific home schooling resource while the kids are out of school, and for now it’s free! Here is what Kiva has to say about their offering.

“For all the parents out there, we know it’s difficult to try and be superhumans during these strange and uncertain times. It’s a massive challenge to balance work and family life at home, juggling all the obstacles that come with this new pandemic-induced lifestyle. At Kiva, we want to help in any way we can.

With schools halting in-person meetings, we understand that many parents are currently looking for activities to provide their children with while they are at home during this time. It’s often difficult to find options that are interesting, educational and fun!”

Learn more on Kiva’s website https://www.kiva.org/blog/financial-inclusion-lessons-activities-while-at-home-with-your-children