Your child might not be able to make it to their favorite class at the moment, but the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have to steal their martial arts practice from them. By creating a space at home, encouraging them to maintain some healthy habits, and getting involved yourself, you can help your child stay fit and healthy during the quarantine. Here are some helpful advice and resources to help you come up with a plan:

Creating the Right Kind of Space

Your child’s style of practice, the location of the space, and outfitting the space all factor into making the perfect practice spot for martial arts.

  • First of all, consider the style of martial arts your child practices, as it will help you to determine what kind of space they need.
  • Look at your options within your primary living areas for putting your child’s practice space, such as the living room, a spare bedroom, or even their bedroom.
  • Make sure your child has all the equipment they need for their practice.
  • Finally, and whenever possible, try to focus on aspects of your studio that will increase the overall value of your home should you decide to sell in the future.

Healthy Habits for Your Child

From eating a balanced diet to getting enough rest, maintaining good habits will help your child stay healthy as well as benefit their practice.

  • As with adults, much of your child’s performance will depend on diet and nutrition.
  • Supplemental exercises can go a long way in helping your child excel at martial arts.
  • The right amount of sleep can benefit your child’s energy, reaction time, and recovery, among other important factors.

Getting Involved as a Parent

Learning martial arts yourself, engaging your child about their progress, and being a good role model can go a long way in encouraging your child to keep up with their practice.

  • Aside from being able to practice with your child, which is awesome, learning martial arts as an adult comes with many other benefits.
  • Regularly talking with your child about their practice can help keep them motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Maintaining healthy habits and displaying qualities such as discipline and perseverance yourself will help to set a great example for your child to follow in their own daily life and martial arts practice.
  • Set realistic expectations and show empathy during your child’s martial arts journey.

Your child’s health and well-being don’t have to be compromised during these strange times. Be sure to consider the advice listed here for creating a practice space at home, encouraging healthy habits for your child, and taking steps to include yourself in the process. You and your child will likely see benefits for both your individual lives and your relationship!

Contributed by Charlene Roth @